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What is a filter for Instagram or Facebook?
Filters for Instagram and Facebook are tools in augmented reality to insert your audience in your communication in a fun and engaging way.

What is the benefit of having a filter?
The filter will be used by fans of your brand or your supporters, and when published in the stories they will reach each other 's network and will make your message viral.

What does it take to have a filter?
Just an Instagram account and a Facebook fanpage can have a filter. To publish filters on Instagram, the profile must be connected to your Facebook fanpage.

How long does it take to make a filter?
Up to 5 days of production and up to 10 days of filter approval by Instagram / Facebook.

Can a filter be posted on Instagram and Facebook?
Yes. Filters can be published on both platforms.

Where is my filter?
Your filter will be in your Instagram profile in the filters tab, which will exist from the publication of your first filter. In the case of filters for Facebook, a link will be available for you to post in a post or any other way you want.

Who publishes my filter? is responsible for the publication process in your profile.

How long does a Filter last in the profile?
Filters last as long as the customer wants. That is, there is no expiration date.

Can a filter have an initial and final delivery date?
Yes. Filters for Instagram and Facebook can be programmed with a start and end date of display.

Are there monthly plans for companies?
Yes, consult our team to learn more.

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