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2020 was a year of great learning and achievements, we reached 130 million impacts in a campaign using one of our filters , we conquered new customers, we expanded to the United Kingdom . That 's right, a little piece of us now in the Queen 's land.

However, the most important thing is that we had a lot of fun during the whole journey.

The objective of combining creativity with Augmented Reality to communicate a product or service, has been a challenging and exciting journey. The possibilities are enormous and the desire to expand the reality for our customers is what drives us.

We combine all of this with the need to reach new platforms, and starting this year, we will offer the creation of Facebook ads with Augmented Reality and the possibility of creating camera effects for other channels, such as Snapchat and WebAR 3D for browser experiences.

We remain focused on developing integrated strategies tailored to our customer needs, so that they can expand their communication within our reality.

So for these and other reasons, InstaFILTRO is now WOND.AR .

Henrique Sassi
Co-founder and Creative Director WOND.AR

"A new era of communication focused on augmented reality. Companies not focusing their strategy on this technology will lose the engagement and direct contact with their customers. "

Gustavo Veiga Morale
Co-founder and Director WOND.AR

"It is a revolution in the relationship between brands and customers. By using a filter, the customer becomes part of the creative reality of the brand. This generates a new link of dialogue, experience, interaction and awareness. "

Raphael Carrondo
Co-founder and Director WOND.AR

"Augmented reality is not the future, it is the present and WOND.AR enables you to be one of the pioneers to use this tool effectively with a massive reach through marketing actions and activation for your company. "

What we do

Through Augmented Reality , we offer agencies and companies an engaging, scalable and fun way to refine their audience 's social dialogue on Instagram, Facebook, SnapChat and WebAR .

We create remarkable experiences by way of tailor-made filters.

Producing creative games and smart marketing campaigns with the technical and aesthetic precision of a professional team defines our DNA and level of service.

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